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Master Bath Spa Sanctuary

A beautiful Master Bath Spa Sanctuary, developed in partnership with a talented team and with the leadership and fine design of Rebecca Pogonitz. With the goal of a bathroom having a spa feeling, the team collaborated in transforming the dated and compartmentalized bathroom. The original space was large enough but suffered from small and disconnected spaces.

By raising the ceiling and reconfiguring the partitions, space now enjoys a lighter and airier feeling. The use of bold forms and reclaimed woodwork provide a strong identity and character.

The distressed beams were created by Heritage Beam & Board. Harvested from a deconstructed barn in Wisconsin, these beams have inherent character, not easily created in any other way.

Jill Buckner’s wonderful photography truly reveals the special nature of the space. I am so grateful to have been able to play a small role in the creation of this space, fulfilling the dream of the Northbrook homeowner.

The Master Bath Spa Sanctuary was elegantly communicated using unique tools to help clearly define the project scope. The homeowners struggled to understand the vision for the project. While they trusted the team, it was clear that they needed some assistance in understanding just how the project would turn out. Using 3D images, created from the Building Information Model (BIM) they gained the confidence needed to move forward.