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Working with my client's needs in mind is what sets me apart. While architects often focus on what you should know about them and how they work, I believe that getting to know a client's needs and passions lead to greater success. I owe it to them and those who rely upon me, to be honest, to tell them what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.

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About Mark Eric Benner Architects

Time and money are two of our most precious resources. When considering a large project, like the design of a new home, doing it right the first time returns dividends.

My Specialties

Today's homes can be complex and the more that they respond to our individual needs, the more challenging their design becomes. To help navigate these complexities, I offer my clients a broad range of services and tools to help communicate effective solutions.

Creative Design

Designs must be greater than the sum of their parts to balance the equations of space and budget.

Quality Assurance

Because we automate drawing documentation, we minimize errors and spend more time in design, where value is created.


Comfort and economy are only two of the benefits of pursuing a sustainable program for one's home, we can also seek a lighter footprint on the earth.

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Very early on

I knew there was a

better way to design homes

Architectural drawings have been developed as the best way possible to communicate designs. The design and construction industries are trained and practiced in their interpretation and application, a very specialized method of communication. When we ask our clients to make important, life-changing decisions using these drawings it is like asking them to do so in a foreign language. I believe that we owe them better methods on which to make these important decisions.

Show Me How
the importance of giving back

Making a Difference

For Those in Need

I am dedicated to working with Solid Rock Carpenters and Appalachian Service Project in support of communities in need. Together, we engage dedicated volunteers in the building of high-quality and affordable homes in areas suffering from natural disasters and economic strife.

Partnerships Serving Those in Need

As you look through Mark Eric Benner’s website, you see the talent and creativity of a very qualified architect and his firm. But I would like to speak to another side of this man whom I have learned has a very big heart.
Over the past year or so, I have worked with Eric on several projects. Eric is part of the Christian organization called Solid Rock Carpenters. Some of their work is chronicled on this site and at the Solid Rock Carpenter's website. This group helps build affordable houses for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to live in decent, safe, homes.
I have served as Executive Director and Construction Coordinator for Washington Habitat for Humanity in Washington Parish, LA. This is where and how I met Eric. The Solid Rock Carpenters wanted to help build about 12 houses in Franklinton and Bogalusa, LA. We have plans that we use that are simple and the drawings are elementary. Eric took those plans and “fleshed” them out, drawing additional wall sections and layouts that allowed people with limited experience to construct a house that not only exceeded building codes in this hurricane zone but allowed for creative approaches so we didn’t have a “cookie-cutter” type look in a neighborhood. As a person who has worked with volunteer construction teams for approximately 20 years, these complete drawings take out many potential problems and allow persons who volunteer to see great accomplishments at the end of a day’s work.
Eric did this without charge. I’m not sure what the monetary value of this service would be in today’s dollars; however, I see the perpetual value of his work for years to come. You see, because Eric took hours out of his busy schedule to create the complete working drawings for us, he took days out of construction when these house plans are used again. In other words, he will aid us in the future without making another drawing.
Another aspect of Eric’s work that isn’t often seen is his working knowledge of construction. Having worked with architects on building church buildings, I have seen drawings that are at times so complicated to construct that it was oblivious that the designer hadn’t used a hammer or built buildings before. Eric’s creativity is enhanced because he has built houses and other structures before. I saw Eric in the role of architect when we were completing our drawings. And then I saw Eric with the nail apron on, nailing together boards, leading a team to build these houses.
I wanted to write a little about Eric’s work beyond the professional portfolio that’s seen. I wanted to share about Eric’s principals and convictions. His professionalism is undergirded by his character. I am thankful to count Eric as a friend. His knowledge and experience are great assets, but his character and creativity compliment his whole approach. Thanks, Eric for what you do to make people’s lives better because you care and follow the Master Carpenter.

Rev. Jeffrey G. Pruett, Sr., M. Div.Director: Habitat for Humanity - Washington Parish

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