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The Mark Eric Benner - Architects Story

Why I want

to design your home

In the way that works best for your family

Working with my client's needs in mind is what sets me apart. While architects often focus on what you should know about them and how they work, I believe that getting to know my client's needs and passions leads to greater success. I owe it to them and those who rely upon me, to be honest, to tell them what they need to hear, rather than what they may want to hear. This is your home, not a tribute or celebration of my work.

Too many times have I seen other architects and builders steer the attention and budget to suit their needs over those of their clients. Their priority is for you to build a project that serves their legacy, often leaving important elements like landscaping and interior finishes for homeowners to arrange on their own. I am passionate about learning what drives my clients and the challenges that they face. Our team works with you to ensure that your home is fully considered from start to finish.

We prefer that you make the decisions that guide the development of your new home. Whether we need to adjust the scope of work, level of finishes, or consider a phased development approach, this is your home. Rather than feeling shortchanged or railroaded, we want you to be empowered to make the best choices possible.

a little bit about my 'Why'

Do it Right the First Time

Make the Greatest Impact

About Mark Eric Benner Architects

It is our mission to serve our client’s needs. It is their dreams that guide the direction of the design. We find our reward in the creation of uniquely personal design solutions to our client’s greatest challenges. We know that we have to explore options and guide our clients, enabling them to confidently make value-based decisions.

My Specialties

Today's homes can be complex and the more that they respond to our individual needs, the more challenging their design becomes. To help navigate these complexities, I offer my clients a broad range of services and tools to help communicate effective solutions.

Creative Design

Designs must be greater than the sum of their parts to balance the equations of space and budget.

Quality Assurance

Because we automate drawing documentation, we minimize errors and spend more time in design, where value is created.


Comfort and economy are only two of the benefits of pursuing a sustainable program for one's home, we can also seek a lighter footprint on the earth.

many hands make light work
Cowboy hat and hammer
master bath rustic spa retreat sanctuary

From a very early age...

I knew there was a

better way to design homes

Architectural drawings have been developed as the best way possible to communicate designs. The design and construction industries are trained and practiced in their interpretation and application, a very specialized method of communication. When we ask our clients to make important, life-changing decisions using these drawings it is like asking them to do so in a foreign language. I believe that we owe them better methods on which to make these important decisions.

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the importance of giving back

Making a Difference

For Those in Need

I am committed and honored to work with Solid Rock Carpenters, Habitat for Humanity, and Appalachian Service Project in support of communities in need. Together, this uniquely talented team engages dedicated volunteers in the building of high-quality and affordable homes in areas suffering from natural disasters and economic strife. Using advanced communication tools, we empower warm-hearted volunteers to create warmer, safer, and drier homes for their families. But we are building much more than a home. We are building community.

Are you ready to get to work?

Lets begin the discussion of your dream home and what it means for your family.