Courtyard entry for Home for Fine Art


Home for Fine Arts

Nestled in the charming Highland Park neighborhood of Illinois, this exquisite residence redefines luxury living, seamlessly blending an appreciation for the arts with a passion for entertainment. With its striking exterior design and ample permeable parking, this dwelling welcomes guests with open arms. As visitors approach, they are guided by a captivating display of progressive sculptures leading them to the front entrance. Meanwhile, the family enjoys easy access to side-entry garages and additional parking spaces.

As guests cross a picturesque bridge spanning a serene pond water feature, they are greeted by a grand front door, flanked by a graceful, winding circular staircase that beckons them to explore the second floor. The foyer provides an immediate glimpse into the wealth of possibilities within.

The open-plan layout of the residence creates a sense of boundless space and offers breathtaking views at every turn, while each room retains its unique character and purpose. Some spaces seamlessly flow into one another, promoting an open and inclusive atmosphere, while others are designed for intimacy and seclusion.

The gourmet kitchen, seamlessly connected to the family room, is a testament to functionality and hospitality, allowing occupants to engage in culinary endeavors without missing out on the action.

The second floor boasts three generously sized en suite bedrooms, with the crown jewel being the expansive Master Suite. Each bedroom is thoughtfully designed with walk-in closets and full baths, and they each enjoy their own unique architectural features, such as balconies or bay extensions. For those seeking a quiet haven for artistic inspiration, an art studio provides the perfect sanctuary to nurture creativity.

The Master Suite, with its soothing ambiance, leads to a luxurious master bathroom, a spacious closet, and a dressing area, making it a haven within a haven.

This Highland Park residence, a true Home for Fine Art, embodies the essence of luxury living, offering a harmonious blend of artistry, entertainment, and comfort that is nothing short of exceptional.


Single-Family Home Design



What We Did

Virtual Reality Architecture, Architectural Detailing, Construction Planning

Project Team

Mark Eric Benner – Architects, Ltd.

Interior Designer: TBD

Landscape Architect: TBD

General Contractor: TBD

Spaces Designed to Harmonize

Value Focussed, Creative Designs

Collaborative Interactive Team Process

We first must imagine the perfect home. Then we consider each of the essential components and how they will relate, interact, and enhance each other to become integral parts of the symphony.


The story told in pictures.


Knowing that one picture is worth ten thousand words, these animations tell a story of millions of words.

First Floor

  • Foyer
  • Gallery
  • Music Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast Room
  • Family Room
  • Pantry (walk-in)
  • Powder Rooms (x2)
  • Mud Room
  • 3-Car Garage
  • Entry Courtyard with Koi Ponds

Second Floor

  • Master Suite (Bedroom, Bathroom, Closets, Dressing)
  • Bedroom 2 (en suite)
  • Bedroom 3 (en suite)
  • Art Studio (en suite)
  • Balconies (x2)
Front Elevation
Site Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan

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