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how much will my home cost?

How much will my home cost?

Talk about your loaded questions. “How much will my home cost?” is one of the most difficult questions any of us will face. It is one of the first concerns that comes to mind and yet an accurate answer is only available following what could be months of careful planning. That being said, we all must start somewhere.

Geography is actually one of the first components affecting your home’s cost. Materials and labor costs vary greatly between regions and in remarkably short distances. It takes relatively few miles for there to be a distinct difference in costs for similar buildings. Open plans appear to offer cost savings, resulting from fewer building components. The hidden cost factors can result from more sophisticated structural systems required to support the structure.

The “shell” of the home offers the first clues as to how much your home will ultimately cost. From this starting point, there are a number of factors that can affect costs, including level of finish, exterior improvements, advanced systems, etc.

In my practice, I like to get the lay of the land before we jump into talking about your budget. There is much that can be done when designing your home that can be used to control construction costs.

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