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The journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step

Are you curious about how to get started on your new home project? Here you will find free home design resources to help answer your questions and concerns. What is involved in selecting an architect or contractor? What happens during the design process? There are many questions as one considers a significant construction project. I have developed the following guides to provide you with answers.

The most successful and rewarding projects result from a well-organized process, a well-worn path. I do the heavy lifting to enable you to enjoy the creative process and focus on the important decisions you will face. Get ready to have fun, designing your new home. These free home design resources will give you a head start.

Keys to Your Success

Free Home Design Resources

If you are considering a new home, addition, or renovation project for your family and are unsure where to start, these free home design resources will guide you to understand what to expect. Select any of the guides below and learn how to design a home that works for you and your family.

Select a Guide Below

Below is a collection of Free Home Design Resources to aid in your research and preparation for a new home or remodel/addition project.

Selecting the Right Architect

There are so many options for those seeking to design their home. Why not simply select the cheapest? This guide will direct you to the very best value.

Click HERE to download your guide.

Project Planning Pack

Do you have some ideas and research already underway? The Project Planning Pack helps you organize your efforts and prepare for rapid progress.

Click HERE to download your guide.

Architectural Process Guide

Many folks know “Blueprints” as the architect’s product. These are really only the final step. Check out this Architectural Process Guide to see the full experience and value.

Click HERE to download your guide.

Ultimate Residential Roadmap

Are you short of time and want an overview of the architectural design process? This Ultimate Residential Roadmap illuminates what to expect during your design process.

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10 Questions

The best first step toward your new dream home.

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Free Home Design Resources

Taking on a new home or major home improvement project is not for the faint of heart. We are confronted with design trends and paint colors. You may have taken on DIY projects or have experience decorating your home. Have you considered wall art or hiring professional interior designers?

Your home design is much more than its floor plans. Inspired designs are the result of a talented team of designers and builders. These resources help you to navigate the complex landscape. Use them to create a foundation of understanding.

Your family deserves the best home to support and enhance their comfort and success. We hope you find the value and clarity needed to make wise, and value-based decisions.