Chicago Residential Architects

To design your dream home

We create uniquely personal living spaces for your family's dream home

Our homes are crucial. Change feels bewildering.
Reluctance is understandable.

Are you feeling lost? Or, are you unsure where to start? Perhaps you’re worried about cost and demands on your time? It is time to design your family’s new dream home. Trouble is, you’ve heard the horror stories.

That beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of occupies your every thought, and that of your family.

You won’t feel satisfied until your home reflects your personal style and fulfills your family’s dreams.

I’ve helped dozens of families, like yours, express their uniquely-personal style and realize their vision.

Together, we will create or transform your environment into the home you’ve always dreamed of.
(And yes, we can help you to impress your friends and family.)

“Mark was terrific in all aspects for our major home reconstruction. Of all the architects interviewed, he was by far the best. We give him our highest recommendation.”

Caryn AltmanHomeowner, Highland Park Remodel & Addition

Services to benefit every home design

  • Creative Design: solutions to enhance and maximize every space
  • Visual Communication: homes are complex, they require clarity and consensus
  • Interactive Design: your input during design accelerates progress
  • Collaborative Team: every home has unique qualities and a team solution

Big picture success plan

Chicago Residential Architects understand your home is much more than simply shelter for your family

While the origin of our homes arose from simple shelters, today’s homes are responsible for much more. Our homes enrich our lives, offer comfort from extremes, security from unknowns, and the feeling of achievement. As Chicago residential architects, we help you to craft every space to harmoniously meet the needs of your entire family now and into the future.

Book Clarity Call

Step 1

Clarity Call

A free 15-minute call to explore your project goals and determine the fit for us to work together in the creation of your new dream home.

Step 2

ClearScope Review

Here we get organized and lay the groundwork for success. Our goal is for you to create your dream home on-time and on-budget.

Step 3


Here we flesh-out the wish list, determine the boundaries for development, identify the design and build team, and prepare to begin design.

Step 6

Construction Documents

Things are really looking good now, adding fine details and descriptions of the work as well as incorporating consultant work.

Step 5

Design Development

At this stage, we have a solid direction and now begin to flesh out the details that will contribute to your enjoyment and value of your home.

Step 4

Schematic Design

With a clear understanding of the development boundaries, we now begin to exercise options and design solutions.

Don’t Settle

It’s Your Home

A home that confines your options, or worse, one that neglects your values, fails your family, preventing them from living their full potential.

The right home makes the most of you –
Let’s get you into the right home.

You’ll not only be surrounded by beauty you’ve dreamed of,
you’ll also be proud to show it off.

Quality Design

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Coordinated & Curated Team
  • Long Design Experience
  • Practical Construction
  • Interactive Design

Advanced Communication

  • Digital Design Communication
  • Online Design Research
  • Custom Client Portal
  • Independent Cost Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about how a Chicago residential architect helps you to design your perfect home?

Ok, I'm ready. What are the next steps?

Great, you’re ready to begin designing your new custom home. We need to gather your inspiration and goals. You may have already begun to assemble some of these items:

  • Sketches
  • Plat of survey
  • Floor plans
  • Photographs
  • More

Begin to formulate your budget and timeline expectations. We’ll work with you to bring these into focus. Check out this Rapid Project Planning Pack to ready for the first steps.

Download, complete the workbook, and book your free 15-minute Clarity Call.

Book your Clarity Call today

It is Often Said That 1 Picture = 10,000 Words

So by extension, a 60-sec Animation = 18,000,000+ Words

make sure your family and design/build team have the very best picture of your custom home that is possible

It is generally understood that one picture is equal to ten thousand words. This is proof positive of the power of visual communication. Now consider movies or animations that are made up of multiple images every second. So a sixty-second animation’s worth is more than eighteen million words. Imagine the clarity of communicating in this way, saving time, eliminating errors, and getting it right the first time. Why risk communicating using only traditional methods?

As Chicago residential architects, it is our mission on every custom home that they are delivered both on-time and on-budget.

Click below to view a sample custom home animation.