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I create uniquely personal living and working spaces –

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Expert and creative design. We provide expert leadership and do the heavy lifting.

Premier Quality

Simply the best design solutions to meet your needs and your budget, creating superior value.

Superior Communication

Visual communication bridges the gaps and clarifies design solutions.


Integration and coordination from initial concept through final documentation.

Architectural projects are complex and can be daunting. Reluctance is understandable.

Are you feeling lost? Or, are you unsure where to start? Perhaps you’re worried about cost and demands on your time?

You need a design solution for your space challenges. Trouble is, you’ve heard the horror stories. You won’t feel right until your project reflects your style and works the way that you do.

I’ve helped dozens of clients, like you, express their uniquely-personal style and realize the vision that speaks to them. Together, we will create or transform your environment into one you’ve always dreamed of.
(And yes, we can help you to impress your friends and family.)

Every project includes:

Building Information Modeling (BIM):

High-quality design with deeper design team engagement and drawings free from coordination errors.

Curated Design Team:

Begin with the big picture to understand options. Reveal opportunities and prevent unwanted surprises.

Mature Documented Process:

Step-by-step roadmap to know what to expect and timing of decisions.

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Don't settle for uninspired design solutions

A project that limits or confines your options prevents you from living your full potential.

The right space makes the most of you –
Let’s get you into the right space.

You’ll not only be surrounded by the beauty you’ve always dreamed of, but you’ll be proud to show it off.

The keys to your success, serenity, and joy

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Coordinated & Curated Team
  • Long Design Experience
  • Practical Construction
  • Interactive Design
  • Digital Design Communication
  • Online Design Research
  • Custom Client Portal
  • Independent Cost Estimates
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Creating uniquely personal living spaces


Chicago custom residential architects for custom home design, including new construction, whole-home renovation, and addition projects.

Creating uniquely personal working spaces


Chicago custom commercial architects for new construction, renovation, tenant improvements, and addition projects.

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