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With the new year underway and as we settle into a new 2019 groove following the hectic holidays, our thoughts turn to how our lives will be improved in the coming year. We commit to changes in our lifestyles and take stock of the habits we would rather do without. Some are thinking about their home. Who else wants a new home in 2019?

Many of my clients are thinking about how to improve their home or replace their home altogether with one that better suits their family’s needs. This is an exciting prospect for most and at the same time, it can be a little confusing just where to start.

It is also a great time to consider the latest materials. Check out the latest in countertops and tile materials, Neolith (www.Stone-Design.com). Known as a sintered stone, this product offers amazing style and durability. Impervious to staining and scratching, have the beauty of 100% natural stone without the worry of ruining it over time.

Who wants a new home in 2019? Someone raised their hand… Below is an example of an apartment renovation in Winnetka, Illinois that is currently on the boards. This unit hasn’t been changed in more than thirty years and is showing its age. To help them out, we are opening up the plan in some areas to gain some flexibility in the use of the space. Every space is getting at least a freshening face lift. The Laundry needs an upgrade on its appliances and we are borrowing a few inches from the Entry closet on the other side to make that happen. Accessibility is also a prime concern, so we are working on reconfiguring other spaces, widening doors and changing hardware as well.

We are working closely together to make great improvements to this modest space.

  • Combining the Kitchen and Family Rooms
  • Reconfiguring Master Bedroom and Closet
  • Expanding the Master Bathroom
  • Expanding Laundry Room

This new year is turning out to be an exciting one for Mark Eric Benner – Architects, Ltd. as well. I have the same enthusiasm for the coming year as many others and I will be sharing insights and news that is interesting, especially to those with a mind to design. We are asking “Who else wants a new home in 2019?” These folks will be introduced to great resources to inspire, a talented and expert team to guide them through every step, new materials and new ways to use them, challenging and thought-provoking explorations of how we can achieve the dreams of beautiful and fulfilling homes.

Ready for your new home? Contact me today to learn how to get started. Call 847-412-0692 for your free 15-minute Clarity Call.