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My Architect Lied to Me!!!

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I often receive phone calls and hear stories of frustrated homeowners struggling with their experience in the grand design of their new homes. One homeowner, in particular, shared with me about his design work, “My architect lied to me.”

This is the revelation that a client shared with me after spending a number of frustrating months working with another architect. He told me, “I kept telling him (the other architect) what I wanted, and he showed me drawings in response that just didn’t feel right.” Round and round they went, exchanging ideas, clarifying, looking at photos, and still, they could make no progress.

What was missing? A standard, universal language that they both could use and understand. We, as architects, have been using traditional drawings and details not to confuse and frustrate but because those were the best communication methods available. There is an art to a well-executed architectural drawing. Many architects are reluctant to explore alternatives for that reason.

Have you ever thought, “My architect lied to me?”

The Virtual Reality Architect understands that reading and understanding traditional drawings are akin to learning a foreign language. In order for their clients to become truly invested in any design, they must be able to engage with it, understand it, and become emotional about it. Without that, they are left to rely on their observations of reactions by others to guide them. A poor substitute.

Invite people to ‘walk’ through their home during the planning and design stages, and they can immediately ingest and react to their experience. We still rely on drawings as we always have to communicate with building departments and general contractor as they are versed in their use. They speak that language. Even those who are fluent can benefit from the more profound understanding offered by the Virtual Reality Architect experience.

The best, most creative design has little chance of moving or being impactful to anyone, let alone ‘posses the magic to stir their blood’- (Daniel Burnham) if it cannot be understood. We are better architects when we can both understand the challenges we and our clients face and communicate solutions clearly in a language that everyone can understand. Clients will no longer feel or tell their friends “my architect lied to me.”

The entire team benefits from advanced and comprehensive visual communication. Whether future clients, general contractor, structural engineer, interior designer – the great design needs to be supported by great communication.

Hiring an architect, a licensed architect facilitates from design meetings through design build. The virtual reality experience doesn’t necessarily mean an additional fee. Client meetings run smoothly and efficiently. A great design from a great architect designed experience.

Don’t say “my architect lied to me.” Instead, seek one who speaks your language.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling “my architect lied to me.” How do you find the right architect for you? One whose design will speak your language, and not expect you to learn a new and foreign language? Check out my free and informative guide on ‘How to Select the Right Architect.”

If you are researching a new home or renovation project, my home design resources will give you a solid foundation of what to expect and how to prepare.