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AIA 2013 National Convention

Open General Session & Keynote Presentation

Despite the reputation for architects as being dry, egotistical, and yes, perhaps humorless, the opening session for the national convention exhibited none of these traits. The AIA 2013 National Convention launched with a video-presented, accelerated, mountain bike tour of Denver, ending at the convention center and what appeared to be AIA’s Mickey Jacobs riding his mountain bike down the theater stairs and onto the stage. Following a pretty technically proficient display of trials and tricks the rider tragically crashed in the wings. Unhurt, he came out and began the program.

Keynote Presentation: Conscious Capitalism and the Future of Business

presenter photo

Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Foundation and Chief Shoe Giver, shared his inspiring story of integrating a culture of giving within a for-profit business model. His “One for One” philosophy incorporates a powerful and emotional buying experience, leveraging the purchase of a pair of shoes into a donation, in kind. The holistic nature of the model goes further by creating jobs in the same location as the need.

Blake’s retreat from a burgeoning software company revealed a passion and a philosophy of “doing well by doing good” and a connection to core human value of caring for our fellow human beings. The values demonstrated by companies that actively support communities resonate with their customers and clients. These inspired believers become outspoken advocates for you and what you do.

Following one’s passion is not always easy, but is perhaps the best chance we have for satisfaction and success.

The AIA 2013 National Convention is a production of the American Institute of Architects.

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