Solid Rock Carpenters Franklinton

Solid Rock Carpenters Franklinton, Louisiana

Solid Rock Carpenters prepared the walls and roof trusses for two homes for construction in Franklinton, Louisiana. Two teams convened for two weeks during the summer to assemble the walls and trusses built earlier in the year. These homes were built in partnership with the local Washington Parish Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Project Dates

  • Framing Day: 5/26/2007
  • Framing Day: 6/2/2007
  • Build Trips
    -Week 1: 6/11/2007 – 6/15/2007
    -Week 2: 6/16/2007 – 6/20/2007

Serving and working alongside the families as they rebuild their homes is gratifying as is the fellowship of so many talented and giving volunteers. It is the little ripples of hope seen in the community as they came to witness the efforts of these caring volunteers from all over the country. Ask any volunteer about their experience and they will tell you that it is the reward of working with and getting to know homeowners that is the lasting memory.

Thank you to Rev. Jeff Pruett and the many other members of Habitat for Humanity – Washington Parish for their support and inspiration. This has been a most remarkable and fruitful partnership. See you again soon.

As a proud member of Solid Rock Carpenters, I look forward to working with old friends and making new ones on future projects. The opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with people who genuinely care about the well being of others is truly awe inspiring. Getting to know these special volunteers and their stories is one of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve had. Its a little known secret that while most volunteers are there to help others, there is a more personal reward from the experience that keeps them coming back.

For those having interest in joining Solid Rock Carpenters on a future trip, take a look at their website for more information. Come join us. You won’t be disappointed.