northbrook craftsman home

Northbrook Craftsman Home


Built on a deep lot in a unique Northbrook neighborhood, this Northbrook craftsman home enhances the unique fabric and character found elsewhere on the street. We first considered a major renovation and addition project but soon realized that there remained too many compromises. Fortunately, we were able to salvage many of the design elements from the initial design for the new home. A standing seam metal roof was selected both for its aesthetics as well as its durability.

Main House

The open plan required the use of open-web trusses to accommodate the long spans of the home. This has the benefit of moving the ducts and plumbing into the framing space. As a result, there are no soffits, and the spaces have a clean appearance. The large kitchen is the central circulation point. An office (a part-time playroom) serves as an “away” space to contain unwanted noise. This is a much-needed feature in open-plan homes. Extensive use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used to communicate effectively and efficiently throughout the design and construction process.

Accessory Structure

This Northbrook Craftsman Home featured a collection of accessory structures that was reconfigured into a new and modern detached 4-car garage. Translucent door panels have a contemporary style and tend to glow in the late-night hours. The garage structure also is used as an entertaining space with a pool lounge and an upstairs loft.

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