Architects Garden Studio

Architects Garden Studio

Embarking on a personal journey in sustainable design and construction, the Architect’s Garden Studio emerges as a harmonious fusion with its natural surroundings. Positioned as a serene retreat, this project seamlessly integrates into the picturesque outdoor landscape, serving as a creative haven for work and contemplation.

Nestled within the lush beauty of the Cook County Forest Preserve, Somme Woods, the Garden Studio boasts a vegetated roof that blends effortlessly with the garden setting and shields against unwanted traffic views. The project’s genesis lies in the ingenious repurposing of surplus and reclaimed building materials, embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Inspired by a long-neglected sliding glass door and enriched by surplus siding from a friend’s project, the Garden Studio is a testament to resourcefulness. A pair of casement windows, sourced from a Re-Store outing, and a roofing membrane repurposed from a discarded pond liner contribute to the project’s sustainable ethos. Generous donations from friends and family further enrich the endeavor with cedar decking, tongue and groove plywood, and various insulation types.

Architects Garden Studio Features

While embracing its sustainable roots, the Architect’s Garden Studio incorporates carefully researched new materials. The vegetative roof system, chosen after extensive exploration of options, arrived on a converted beer truck. Installation became a collaborative effort, with family members joining forces to lift and install nearly 8000 pounds of vegetated roofing trays – a unique Father’s Day celebration.

Beyond its ecological mindfulness, the Garden Studio is designed to be an all-season facility. Transforming into a cozy Ski Shack during winter, it invites inhabitants to embark on cross-country ski excursions into the neighboring forest preserve. This versatile space stands as a testament to the seamless integration of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, offering a retreat that evolves with the changing seasons.