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Building Information Modeling is Power

The phrase “Information is Power” is well known. Advertisements, marketers, and salespeople use this power to sell products and services and leverage deals in their favor. Building Information Modeling is power, and those possessing it have an informational advantage over those without it.

This advantage holds when it comes to your home as well. Construction projects are some of the most complex endeavors any of us will face. Subcontractors often rely on “rules of thumb” to establish construction costs. These rules of thumb can lead to bloated cost estimates. We all have to begin somewhere to establish a working budget. We use BIM to gain clarity and understanding of all aspects of your new home’s design.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the next generation of CAD. It promises improved communication and understanding of complex designs, allowing an “inside look” through information.

BIM is used to create the design, and documents are used to communicate the design. It does so with 3D digital elements which represent real-world materials. These elements are assigned physical properties to analyze their appearance and performance in the real world. Building Information Modeling is power that brings your home construction in on-time and on-budget.

BIM Properties

  • material finish
  • weight
  • structural properties
  • thermal performance
  • cost and timing requirements
  • and much more

Using these properties, it is possible to experience your project realistically, predict its energy performance in your specific climate, estimate its cost and time to build, and much more. Armed with this information, we can better justify and validate subcontractor quotes, manage the budget and schedule throughout the process, and avoid drastic changes or “value engineering” that may compromise project goals to meet budget expectations.

While 3D renderings and animations are compelling, much of the real advantage lies in what is behind the scenes: the data. It is also essential to extend the reach of the data to contributing consultants. Ask the members of your design team if they are using these advanced tools to ensure that you are getting the Building Information Modeling is power advantage.

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