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time machines make great homes

Many architects employ unique technology and say that time machines make great homes. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), a 3D communication tool, my clients can travel two years into the future. Right now, they are traveling into summer 2019. They can walk through their home and gain a greater understanding of not only how their home looks but also how it functions. Most importantly, this time machine provides insights into how they will feel in their new home. Read on to see what I mean because I want each homeowner to have a comfortable home that enriches their lives – a place for them to make lasting memories.

Human nature dictates that we fear commitment and risk. I know I crave certainty. We wish we could see the lottery numbers before the drawing… sure would make it easy to buy that ticket. The same goes for just about everything. Designing a house presents complicated situations.  It’s daunting to get started – but, after all, it’s a worthy investment in your family’s future. Time machines help us to gain the confidence we need.

front perspective time machines

Front Perspective

I’ve seen many clients worry about making a mistake. The cure for their anxiety: Building Information Modeling. It’s the obvious communication tool. People love 3D visualization because it’s relatable and builds confidence. What I tell my clients is true, ‘time machines make great homes.’

Yes, it’s very exciting to see what your home will look like. But we can predict other elements early on, too. If sustainable living is your priority, our time machine can predict your home’s energy performance and carbon footprint, indicating heating and cooling costs and your home’s environmental impact. Having a budget before you move in is a huge relief.

Generally, the most efficient space to heat and cool is regularly shaped. Then, every bump, every wing, and every fold adds costs. If you want those arched doorways and wooden beams, we can make that happen … and help you balance all the parts of that equation. Energy modeling is such a great insight, but very few people pursue it early enough to make a difference, if at all. If sustainability is one of your priorities, make sure that you incorporate your green planning from the very beginning of the design. If you wait, many decisions affecting your home’s performance will already be made. It will be too late if you wait until the end, like most do. Again, we see that time machines make great homes more efficient.

Using BIM, we can see the big picture. Everybody saves time and money. Not only is this technology valuable to the homeowner, but it also helps the builder and building trades. Without it, there is fear of unidentified complexity, resulting in higher costs to cover themselves. Time machines make great homes, and the team is armed with the advanced knowledge to make it happen.

3d first floor plan time machines

3D plan view

Using traditional design methods, members of the teamwork in isolated “silos.” BIM brings everybody much closer together as we work together to solve problems as a team. All members of the team are being engaged more directly. They are immediately aware of changes and then can quickly respond. Armed with information, the team can provide accurate and reliable solutions that result in a more precise estimate of construction cost and schedule, and everyone benefits. No surprises.

Our perspective was once limited to 2D drawings or expensive cardboard models, both traditional methods but ones that couldn’t place you inside the house. Now, considering the context, we’re pushing the envelope beyond the house itself. Imagine seeing the view from your Great Room and knowing how you’ll have to manage the view of your neighbor’s home.

Burr Ridge residence time machines

Burr Ridge Residence

Recently, we collaborated with a landscape architect to work on a project. The 3D presentation brought life to her 2D plan. We produced a series of animations – imagery that shows how the landscape harmonizes with the contemporary style of the home. The landscape anchored the modern architecture, extending into the outdoor spaces. With this perspective, the homeowner and design team are confident to proceed, and time machines make great homes.

Enough with doing things the way we’ve always done them. Let’s use Building Information Modeling so that we may all travel into the future and use time machines to make great homes as a team.

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