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Solid Rock Carpenter 2009 Framing Day

250 enthusiastic and good hearted volunteers devote their Saturday to build 102 walls for three homes in less than five hours. The Solid Rock Carpenters are a major force, and such nice people too. The Solid Rock Carpenter 2009 Framing Day was full of friendly people doing great work to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Volunteers loaded the truck with the completed walls and it is now on its way down to Bogalusa, LA and three very deserving families. There they will be ready for assembly by our crews during the holiday trip at the end of the year.

We utilize Building Information Modeling technology to clearly communicate the construction process to our volunteers of all levels of experience. It is our mission to build homes at a professional level, using both skilled and un-skilled labor. There is one thing unites us all and that is we are dedicated to helping families in need.

If you are interested in learning more about Solid Rock Carpenters and perhaps participating on a Build Day or a Build Trip, check them out at www.SolidRockCarpenters.org.

Contact me for your free 15 minute Clarity Call (847-412-0692).