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Mastering the Bedroom

There is an art to mastering the bedroom and the Master Bedroom is often the one chosen to shine. Tucking living spaces beneath the slope of the roof helps to maintain an appropriate human scale for the home, but also presents unique challenges. It can lead to small and confined spaces with questions as to the legitimacy of the space. In this solution, distressed, stained oak collar ties allow the ceiling to continue beyond the flat ceiling, creating a unique texture and rhythm.

River pebble planting beds continue the textural theme with indoor foundation plantings. These types of details contribute to a softening at the floor to wall intersection.

Built-in, deep linen storage drawers make unique use of the often unused and wasted space found beneath the roof. Pets are gaining greater attention in our lives.  This Master Bedroom accommodates the family pets with a doggie den and cat loft. Every member of the family enjoys a special spot in the room. The doggie den has enough room for a comfy bed and features a register to heat and cool the den. The cat loft is accessed via a custom scratching-post ladder. Her perch on high is a position to see over all activities.

The oversized ceiling fan (Big Ass Fans), located above the collar ties helps to distribute the air efficiently, even at low speeds. Advanced fan controls integrate with the home’s heating and cooling system to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. Sensors (SenseME) automatically active the fan according to personal preferences. The fan adjusts throughout the night to help create the most comfortable and restful sleep possible.

By providing a space appropriately sized for its use, this bedroom achieves generous comfort in a twelve foot by fifteen foot dimension and avoids the cavernous trap of oversizing the space. Mastering the bedroom means many things to many people. What does it mean to you?

Of course, as with any renovation or addition project, it is important to have the best understanding possible. This makes the most of existing building components and the integration with new spaces. The use of advanced tools, specializing in renovation and addition projects, the opportunities and obstacles are clearly revealed, making sound decisions much easier.

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