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Imagine Every Detail Before You Build

Choose an architect experienced in 3D building information modeling for your forever home so you can imagine every detail.
By Mark Eric Benner

Congratulations on your decision to build or remodel your home! How will you prevent delays, sidestep design mistakes, and avoid budgets gone wrong?


Make a good match

Your choice of architect is one of your most important decisions. It may determine whether you pursue a remodel or build an entirely new house. It may be the difference between enjoying your custom-built home for decades or quickly outgrowing a design that didn’t account for your changing needs or lifestyle. So take the time to choose someone who wants to understand your priorities and will document your home’s progress.

The right architect will have a good rapport with you, engage in mutually honest conversations, and design in a style you like. They also should be fluent in advanced 3D building information modeling (BIM) to empower them to imagine every detail.


virtual reality architect advantage
The advantage and value of BIM


Make the most of your 3D experience

Too often, homeowners lose the advantage of 3D visual communication with virtual walk-throughs prepared after the design is completed. Instead, insist on an architect experienced in BIM design practices who welcomes your active participation. That way, you can understand and envision design components and make impactful, well-informed decisions.

With this enhanced perspective, you will better understand the visual impact and other details that may be obvious to an architect in a two-dimensional rendering but are abstract or utterly mysterious. Rather than being expected to learn “architect-speak” and blueprint-reading skills, BIM can help you and your architect develop a common language and make better, more impactful decisions together. In other words, imagine every detail.

Better visualization can result in smarter energy use, automate technical aspects of design, and transform the time your architect spends on the minutiae of construction specifications into time spent with you in meaningful conversation. It also reduces confusion when ordering materials, especially given current supply chain issues.

Ask how much access to the BIM experience you will have. For example, visualizing a proposed roofline or a garage placement may take time (and then some more). Can you explore the virtual design plans at your convenience? Or will you only have access during scheduled meetings with the architect? The ultimate goal is to develop a personalized design expressing warmth, elegance, and openness that makes you feel at home.


Successfully create your custom space – imagine every detail

Remodeling or new construction is hard work, but it should also be exciting and enjoyable. Your custom home reflects your style, so use BIM to put your passion and imagination into its design and choose an experienced architect who helps you to imagine every detail.

Mark Eric Benner is the owner of Mark Eric Benner Architects, Ltd. Since 2007, the company has specialized in designing uniquely personal living and working spaces through creative design paired with today’s most advanced 3D illustration technology. www.MEBArchitect.com