Houzz Project Collaboration

Houzz project collaboration is an online design website, full of high-quality pictures. This site is intended to help home owners, architects, interior designers, and contractors (and their family should they want their input.) All of the members of your design team can collaborate to gather ideas, discuss options. It brings an end to the black hole of emails with image attachments, often not seen by the bulk of the extended design team.

All of our projects have a private Houzz page to get the creative juices flowing and the conversation started. Once the page is set up, additional team members can be invited to collaborate and save images to the project’s “Idea Book.” Drawings, sketches, renderings and all other types of images can also be saved to the Idea Book to be shared with all of the team members. Houzz project collaboration is useful for team members to make comments about the images to help clarify what is important about each image.

I encourage everyone to visit our Houzz page and leave a review to let us know how we are doing. I believe that this is an innovative and creative way to extend the visual communication that is so crucial to a successful project.

(Click the arrows in the lower right to browse the images. Click the image to go to the Houzz page)