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architectural process diagram

While every project is unique, at Mark Eric Benner Architects every home follows the same carefully considered process to ensure comprehensive and reliable results. Most importantly, I want your experience to be the best possible, second to none. This results in the finest home, one that is a true reflection of your values and style. The architectural process diagram is your guide and guarantee for success.

In this informative downloadable PDF, you’ll discover:

 Understand the high-level, step-by-step process
 Three typical phases
 Decision milestones
and much more!

Knowing the process that your project will follow helps you to prepare for and participate fully in its development. Most homeowners have a limited understanding of what goes into the design of their home. I often hear, “I only need some blueprints to get a permit.” While the architectural drawings are the final product that we use to secure a building permit and explain to the building team how the home is to be constructed properly. There are many more steps that we take leading up to the architectural drawings.

The design of your home goes beyond shelter from the elements. It also must consider how spaces relate to one another, how every space should look and feel. It is the environment for your family. It must  provide community and privacy, warmth and comfort, support healthy living, and do so within your budget (both upfront and in operation.)

We hope you find this architectural process diagram enlightening and informative. I look forward to putting it to work for you and the design of your family’s home.

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architectural process diagram
Architectural Workflow