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Dream into Dream Home

At the beginning of a new year, we all have resolutions, big ideas, and plans for ambitious projects on our minds, a general sense of a fresh, clean start. Smaller projects can be tackled right away when inspiration first hits. More extensive projects benefit from thoughtful planning to ensure that they reach their full potential. We face these challenges in turning our dream into a dream home.

Whether your home project is a renovation, addition, or a new home, you can take a few simple steps to ensure…

  • goals are achieved
  • schedule is met
  • budget is managed
  • the quality of living is enhanced

The first step in going from dream into dream home, gather your thoughts and goals. Budget is, of course, a major concern. Be careful not to let budget limit your thinking in the early stages. What spaces will you need? How should spaces be arranged? What are the construction boundaries of your property? How much are you willing to spend? When does the project need to be completed? What style? Which appliances? Perhaps the most important question is “How should each space in your home feel?” These are just a few of the many important questions that lead to not just the creation of rooms, but a composition of spaces that enrich the lives of your family. Visit my Frequently Asked Questions page to find more.

Dream Into Dream Home Organizational Tools

As you gather the volumes of pictures, sketches, notes, etc., many tools are available to help gather and organize this information. Some of the best of these apps, which I use frequently, are as follows:

  • Evernote (Evernote.com – searchable notebook, tags, web clips, desktop and handheld apps, synchronized throughout)
  • Pinterest (Pinterest.com – gather and organize images from the web)
  • Houzz (Houzz.com – high-quality residential images, save your favorites to your own Idea Book and collaborate with your team)

You may already be using some or all of these. Have you found others? Tell me about other tips and tools that you have found helpful.

Once you have organized your thoughts and photos, you will want a good process, a well-worn path, to follow. One that creates the spaces you desire and leads to a creative solution tailored to your family’s needs.

Depending on your project scope, you may want to work with a design professional to guide you expertly and your contractor through the dream into dream home process. Rather than an experience that is mysterious, complex, and confusing, these professionals will work with you to bring structure and an inspired quality of living in spaces that are tailor-made for you and your family.

Is it time to take your dream into dream home? Get your free 15-minute Clarity Call or contact me to discuss your home project ideas (847-412-0692).

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