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contemporary home takes shape

In a quiet Burr Ridge neighborhood, following months of careful planning, construction is progressing on this new contemporary home. The property offers ample space and graceful grade, framing the serene view of the lake.

Brick Installation contemporary homeThe design takes its cues from the visual context which dramatically transforms as one moves through the site. The contemporary style incorporates unique finishes and cultural design elements. Barkhouse Bark siding, reclaimed Chicago Common brick, alongside the contemporary siding and detailing clad the home. The entry leads through a Genkan, a traditional Japanese entryway with a distinctive and durable flooring, then on to the living areas in the home.

As this contemporary home takes shape, the open plan serves a broad variety of interests: a passion for gardening, a music room for regular performances of their quintet, and storage for a vast collection of books – exceeding 10,000 volumes.

Rough Framing contemporary homeThe spaces flow in an open fashion, with an underlying order that serves to ground it in a graceful and elegant way. Oblique angles and acoustical ceiling and window treatments adorn the music room to enhance the harmonious blending of the quintet during performances.

Gliding glass walls (Arcadia Windows) of this contemporary home connect inside to out, blending interior plantings with outdoor gardens. The once densely wooded site has been cleared of its invasive species, now in woodland restoration with carefully curated specimen selections.

A large solar array (Solar Service) on the roof provides ample, clean power throughout the year. Special attention to ensure that the array would not be visible from the street and that shading from the structure would not degrade its performance.

Many more images, plConcrete & structural steel contemporary homeease come see at our website.
(Private Residence in Burr Ridge, IL)

The specialized team assembled to address the particular needs and challenges during the design and construction of this compelling and contemporary home. In-depth design, harnessing the power of 3D design and analysis enabled complexity and fine detailing to harmonize in a way that is otherwise impractical. Acousticians, MEP engineers, structural engineers, architects, interior designers, lighting specialists, and more have collaborated methodically to ensure that every detail has been considered. There wasn’t always agreement, but the resulting informed decisions had the benefit of thorough, expert consideration.

More to come as we make progress on this exciting project.