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Like most of my family or leisure trips, I always find my self gravitating to the architecture. This trip to Anaheim, CA was a special opportunity for my wife and me to gather with my brother and his family from Seattle for a little relaxation time at Disneyland, aka the happiest place on earth. As a former architect for Starbucks, my sister-in-law brings her own passion for architecture and it was a real treat to explore with an architectural partner in crime.

The local Starbucks in Downtown Disney is not your standard coffee house. Having to handle droves of park goers, this location has a lot to offer with out-of-the-box design, and cool entertainment features, like a digital video chalkboard. This interactive installation engages kids and adults alike with a video, chalkboard style, selfie screen. To add to the fun it adds the feature of a touch-screen chalk drawing.

The attention to detail is everywhere you go. Plenty of inspiration to go around, like a creative twist on shake siding, found at the Grand Californian. The staggered coursing and use of fiber-cement shakes combine to create a striking and compelling theme.

The grand scale of the Grand Californian’s lobby maintains a cozy appeal for its guests. Some unique hospitality disguises itself as an oversized fireplace. Who wouldn’t want this feature in their own home?


Time to apply these new ideas to the next project.

Life is in the Details

Authenticity in the details brings the experience into reality.