BIMx Tour

In this immersive 3D, virtual reality, experience, you’ll discover:

  •  Explore a 3D architectural model
  •  See fully landscaped exterior
  • Custom designed interior spaces
  • and much more!

Get a sneak peek at what my clients experience throughout the design process. Architectural drawings remain an important tool to communicate the design. For decades my clients have enjoyed a superior way to experience and understand their new home. No longer do they have to rely exclusively on technical drawings to know their home.

With unsurpassed understanding and control, my clients gain confidence in their design. Decisions become certain and value-based. This confidence extends to other members of the design and build teams as well. Miscommunication and mistakes can be effectively eliminated through clear, visual communication.

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour and look forward to your feedback on your experience.

Contact me when you are ready to discuss your project goals.

bimx tour cover