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BIM Revolutionizing Home Design

The Powerhouse SMART (http://www.PowerhouseSMART.com) 2018 Luxury Conference was held this year at the Merchandise Mart (http://theMart.com) and I had to pleasure to lead one of the educational sessions during the conference. The session, entitled ‘VR BIM Revolutionizing Home Design’, illustrates the value of engaging homeowners and the design team on an emotional level.

One of my passions is the application of leading-edge technology to the design and construction of homes and other structures. The most important thing that any of us can do for our clients is to communicate clearly and concisely.


Consumers make purchase decisions based on emotion, then validate with logic. Traditional design and construction services are often strong on logic, but not so much on the emotional side. Not that there is anything wrong with tried and true tradition. There is a missed opportunity to connect emotionally with our clients. Absent this connection, we are left with little to distinguish ourselves from the competition. We must ‘Think Different(ly)’

The value of an emotional connection is clear and every industry is seeking to make good use of this. Auto dealers are eager to get you behind the wheel. Eyeglass, clothing, and cosmetics companies (mostly online) ship their products to you to try before you buy, with free returns. We as designers and builders of fine homes should offer the same benefits, allowing our clients the experience of ‘living in their home’, even before we break ground.

How do we accomplish this? Through technology. Virtual Reality (VR) is our ‘test drive’, immersive experience of exploring a new home. Adding furniture, a digital family, artwork, and the other details that make it feel like home. Clients begin to envision moving in, taking ownership, and gaining a true understanding of the design of their home. This is a new experience, not previously available through traditional methods.


There are many ways to provide a 3D and VR experience, but the smart money does it using BIM (Building Information Modeling.) By integrating the 3D experience with the production of the architectural drawings, there are no mistakes, no wasted efforts, and no misunderstandings. Using BIM software like ArchiCAD (http://www.Graphisoft.com) architects and designers can engage with homeowners emotionally.

The 3D visual experience is only the beginning. Once you have a model to follow, one can take advantage of this prototype concept. Budget and schedule analysis with real numbers, energy modeling, and collaboration locally or across the globe are now open to us. This is used to shape the design experience and leverage the expertise of a global talent pool.

Through this immersive experience, clients save time, money, and aggravation. Every homeowner wants this.


Take the BIMx challenge and experience for yourself ‘VR bim revolutionizing home design.’ Take our BIMx model for a spin, click (here) for the BIMx Tour on your own smartphone. Get even more in-depth using a Google Cardboard device and your smartphone.

Topics, partners, and products featured during the presentation

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