Initial Architectural Consultation Options

Architectural consultation services to help you get your project started on a good footing. Selecting an architect is no easy task, nor should it be considered lightly.

You need the right architect who has the specific skill to understand your goals and vision to guide you toward a successful implementation. Your comfort level is critical so that you can freely share your concerns and prioritized goals. There needs to be the right ‘fit’ between you and your architect.

This may or not be me!

In my experience, the best way to determine if we are the right ‘fit’ is to fully understand what you are looking for; your project goals. This is achieved through our initial consultation session.

It is my hope that we will continue to work together. But, if for some reason we then discover that we are not an ideal ‘fit’ then you are free to take the report to another designer for them to continue the process.

When considering building or renovating your home, the Architectural Consultation is the first step. Here is why…

A doctor wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this initial consultation works in the same way. This initial consultation starts a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then to give findings and recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and budget.

Architectural Consultation - Needs & Options Review Form

Needs & Options Review Form


  • Option 1: ‘Ask an Expert’, 15-min with Mark

discuss your #1 challenge in a 15 minute phone consultation

  • Option 2: ‘Quick Start Review’

1) Site visit to meet with you to discuss:

  • Your needs, desires and potential design solutions
  • ‘Look and feel’ possibilities

2) Sketch and/or document suggestions, as appropriate

3) Provide a report with:

  • Summary of the discussion and design suggestions
  • Flow chart diagram of project steps

4) Schedule of services and fee proposal on next stages of project

(This package is best for minor interior renovations, or simple sites.)

  • Option 3: ‘Needs & Options Review’

All items in Option 2 (above,) and adds the following:

5) Preliminary Zoning/Planning research prior to our meeting

6) Followup Planning Department research after we meet

7) Summary of Planning/Zoning requirements and likely zoning issues

(This package is best for more complex project and site requirements.)