Un-Split My Home

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Seeking to expand their 1950’s, split-level home, this home’s family discovers that its configuration proves inflexible and challenging to improve. The most obvious solutions were limited to additions to the rear of the home. Unfortunately, these solutions offered no relief for the existing spaces’ shortcomings.

Existing front view

Existing front view

The solution became obvious. The half-story-up section, the obstacle to any modification of any of the existing spaces, had to go. We needed to “un-split” the house. Together we developed a design to convert a once compartmentalized plan into the open and flowing home that they desired, by removing the obstacle of the half story.  We had to bring in a quality roofing company to make some of these adjustments possible. We decided to go with www.roofcoonline.com. The new design capitalizes on:

  • Open and flowing plan
  • New and expanded Kitchen with expansive island
  • Living Room, Dining Room, and Game Area
  • 12 foot high ceilings for the Family Room
  • Sweeping views of the rear yard and the forest beyond
  • Screen Porch
  • Two Car Garage
  • Master Bedroom suite with Screen Porch
  • Guest Bedroom suite
  • Two additional bedrooms
  • Jack & Jill bathroom

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Finally, the exterior facade is treated to a renewed and refreshed craftsman architectural character, while preserving the quaint scale of the surrounding neighborhood. The new covered front porch integrates the home into the vibrant community, often serving as the gathering place for the neighborhood families.

By utilizing the home’s assets and making only minor adjustments to its footprint, we were able to leverage the home’s intrinsic value and enhance its function and aesthetic. The home now fulfill’s the needs of the family without falling victim to total demolition. This unique improvement strategy made the project affordable and restored the overall value of the property well into the future. Don’t forget to check the William Pitt properties for more information.

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