Burr Ridge Residence

Private Residence – Burr Ridge

With many Japanese influenced design elements, like a Genkan, a lowered entry area, this home has a clean and uncluttered living experience with a distinctive and durable surface. This design by Ross Architecture in collaboration with Mark Eric Benner – Architects was developed and produced for a private residential client.

Sustainability is of paramount importance for this home’s owner. For this home, we take advantage of a full range of materials, techniques, and systems that contribute to the comfort and efficiencies that the home owner desires. We begin with conservation in an effort to minimize the demand for energy while maintaining comfort and light levels. Spray foam insulation provides a unique air-sealed barrier and high insulation values to ensure the home’s comfort and efficiency. LED light fixtures throughout use a fraction of the electricity of even that offered by CFLs. The addition of a lighting control system ensures that we set the desired scene and conveniently turn off lights when not in use.

One of the exciting features that many think of when considering sustainability, is the addition of renewable energy. As always, the first thing to do is consider conservation to minimize the home’s energy demand. With that done, we then turned our focus to photovoltaic solar panels. We considered both solar heat as well as electricity (photo-voltaics or PV) and determined to pursue a combination of the two. With our wooded site condition, shading is a concern. The same concern relates to the architectural form itself. To help better understand these considerations we prepared an animation for the peak solar radiation hours to visualize the effects of shading on the proposed panel configuration and layout. There were a number of adjustments made in response to the animation study to maximize each panels access to sunlight. The system is design using micro-inverters so that any shading that does occur will not affect the performance of the system as a whole.