Photovoltaics Coming of Age

With a long standing interest in active solar energy systems, they have alway been priced far beyond my reach. This has helped to reinforce the importance of conservation first solar energy design. The cost of systems is rapidly declining, while the efficiencies of the panels is on the upswing. Couple that with state of the art system design and technology to maximize the efficiency of the collection and combining of the harvested power and this is brining the reality of PV for many of my clients.

Today’s systems are easily 1/3 the cost of a comparable system of only five years ago. The strong partnerships with expert solar design and installers working together with advanced 3D architectural modeling and solar shading analysis ensures maximum power production. We identify areas of shading that are not immediately apparent from visual inspection of the architectural drawings to design the most efficient panel layout with matching structural engineering for the areas supporting the panels.

Incentives are, for the time being, still available to help offset the initial costs, and when structured appropriately, can minimize one’s upfront investment significantly. We are excited to see this component of design gain in popularity and feasibility.