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Vegetated roof

Earth Day Wildflower Meadow

In celebration of Earth Day, have you ever considered having your very own wildflower meadow? Even in the city, there are some really great ways to bring nature into your life. Earth Day happens once a year and serves as a great reminder for us to live a bit more sustainably. Installing your own Earth Day Wildflower Meadow puts intentions into practice. The use of resilient plants makes the maintenance easy and less susceptible to pests. Planting in layers helps to build interest and allows the flower show to evolve over the season, low plants in the front and taller in the rear. Using elements already in our landscape, like this Garden Studio, we can enhance our outdoor enjoyment. As we are finally seeing the awakening of spring, now is a great time to embrace this little reminder of doing some good for your yard and for our planet.

Mark Benner

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