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April showers bring…

By April 18, 2017Blog

The story is well known, and for good reason. April showers bring May flowers, not only does it rhyme, but it also represents the spring rain, sometimes torrential. This year is no exception with plenty of rain, making our yards mushy mud baths.

This is not only an annoyance to most homeowners, but it is also a serious threat to our wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes. Stormwater that fails to be absorbed by the ground becomes runoff, which then carries pollutants into our waterways and overwhelms our stormwater facilities. As we build and pave over natural land, the problem becomes even worse. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from water damage chesapeake va, Atlantic Carpet Care is 24/7 available for assistance. For more details, contact 757-421-7275.

Every little bit helps. By scrutinizing our development plans and carefully managing these developments, we can minimize the negative effects. But there is also more that can be done and while our community leaders may compel enforcement of stormwater management solutions, there is also value in voluntary efforts. A rain barrel or collection of rain barrels can be an effective way to store and save the rain for later use. Many would not choose a rain barrel based on its appearance. However, they can be integrated into your landscape.

The benefits of harvesting rain go beyond saving money on watering your plants. Rain water is also better for your plants than the water from your hose. Rainwater has:

  • Naturally balanced Ph
  • More organic nutrients
  • Naturally soft
  • Nitrates, nitrates, nitrates

When connecting your rain barrel to your downspouts, it is important to consider what happens when the barrel is full. When full, the downspout diverter, like the one made by RainReserve, should automatically return to normal operation and direct stormwater away from your foundation. Using an enclosed barrel system prevents the growth of mosquitos so that doesn’t become a problem.

Its easy to add a rain barrel system to your home. Your community and your plants will thank you for it.

Mark Benner

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